A Home Ice Cream Machine Guaranteed To Produce Some Family Fun

The Cuisinart ICE-30BC is another high-quality ice cream maker produced by Cuisinart, featuring not only a mixing arm, a double-insulated freezer bowl and a lockable lid, but also the company’s proprietary ingredient spout, which will enable you to successfully add ingredients like nuts and chips to the mix without interrupting the freezing process. With a modern brushed stainless steel design, this 2 quart unit not only performs well but it looks good doing it. This is a simple machine that the whole family can truly enjoy.

It comes with a heavy-duty motor that is strong enough for handling several types of frozen desserts ranging from ice cream to frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbet. This Cuisinart model is a versatile and easy to use. It is sure to deliver a top quality frozen treat. Owners give this ice cream maker high praise and continually give it high marks and recommendation rates. It continues to be ranked as one of the best ice cream maker machines and for the price it is hard to beat.

Product Features

Mixing Arm: As with most Cuisinart ice cream makers, the ICE-30BC features a mixing arm that will continually mix and aerate the ingredients to achieve a firm consistency and avoid the formation of ice crystals. Due to the powerful motor of this unit, the mixing paddle will continually rotate, allowing the mixture to gradually freeze as it comes into contact with the freezer bowl. Whether you want to make ice cream, frozen yogurt or frozen smoothies, this model is capable of “pure indulgence”.

Double-Insulated 2-Quart Freezer Bowl: The freezer bowl of the Cuisinart ICE-30BC has a double-insulated wall that contains cooling liquid which needs to be frozen before use. The bowl contains double walls to help ensure longer lasting and even freezing while making ice cream. The bowl should be placed in the freezer several hours before using and it needs to be completely frozen. This can be judged by shaking the bowl after removing it from the freezer. If you can hear or feel any liquid moving then it needs more time in the freezer.

Ingredient Spout: This unit comes with an ingredient spout that will enable you to add ingredients, such as nuts and chips, without interrupting the freezing process.

Heavy-Duty Motor: This ice cream machine is powered by a heavy-duty motor that has been specifically implemented to handle a variety of different types of desserts. Encased in a stainless steel housing, this unit was built to last and run batch after batch reliably.

What Owners Like About the Cuisinart ICE-30BC

Cuisinart seems to have made a line of ice cream makers that owners are extremely happy with, and this unit is no exception. It is one of the better selling ice cream makers on our list that also has an impressive number of positive customer ratings. Some of the aspects of this machine that users constantly praise include:

Perfect Consistency: One of the primary aspects buyers loved about the Cuisinart ICE-30BC is the excellent consistency of the ice cream that is produced. Owners really like how the finished product is not too hard or too soft and it makes it the same way time after time with little variation.

Easy to Operate: Users also like how easy this model is to operate. Its fully automatic functionality delivers a simple way to make great tasting frozen treats in your own home.

Little Cleanup: Another important benefit of choosing this Cuisinart ice cream machine is how easy it is to clean. Even after making several batches of ice cream, the freezer bowl and mixing paddle will be very easy to wipe off, whether in the dishwasher or by hand.

Fast Freezing: Lastly, most buyers were very pleased with the timeliness of the Cuisinart ICE-30BC, which enabled them to have perfect homemade ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt in under 20 minutes. This is another aspect of this ice cream maker that users really appreciate. Making dessert is quick and simple.

What Could Be Better?

Harder Ice Cream: Some users were disappointed in the softness of the ice cream that this machine made. For a harder consistency they suggest that you put it in the freezer for a little while to let it firm up.

Pre-Frozen Bowl: One of the drawbacks of using this kind of ice cream machines is the bowl needs to be frozen before using. This can take several hours and the freezer needs to be at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit . Some users find it more convenient to just keep the bowl in the freezer all of the time so it will be ready whenever they get the urge to make some ice cream.

Bottom Line

The Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence offers users an effortless and automatic way to make delicious desserts. Those who have purchased this unit consistently give it very high marks and it receives scores in the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars. This model is a worthy candidate for anyone looking for a modern and dependable ice cream maker for their home.